Identity Verification Solutions

Identity Verification Solutions have become more critical than ever in the digital age as they verify user authenticity and enhance customer database reliability. KYC Canada, a highly regarded identity verification company, offers comprehensive and cost-effective global identity verification services using biometric technologies. KYC Canada's cutting-edge identity verification software is designed to meet even the most stringent identification verification service processes. Using the proprietary identity verification service programming interface (API), KYC Canada's identity verification process is capable of scanning and authenticating customer identity documents, thereby ensuring that the customer is, indeed, who they claim to be.

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Know Your Customer (KYC) Solutions

KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations were introduced in 2001 under the Patriot Act, and are a critical process for businesses to verify customer identities, prevent money laundering, and manage risk. At KYC Canada, we offer a range of advanced KYC solutions that tackle key issues within the verification process. Our comprehensive platform includes basic and enhanced due diligence, ongoing monitoring, superior data for KYC, and more. As a leading KYC solution provider, we understand the importance of verifying customer identities to assess potential risks and improve business operations. With KYC Canada, businesses can remain compliant with KYC regulations and operate with confidence.

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Video Know Your Customer (KYC) Solutions

KYC Canada offers businesses a video-based verification service that facilitates secure and reliable onboarding and verification of remote customers. With live agents, multi-language support, and regulatory compliance, KYC Canada provides a safe and trustworthy customer onboarding experience. The integration of AI-informed technology, including biometrics and liveness detection, enhances the efficiency of the process, reduces abandonment rates, and lowers onboarding costs. The live agent-based verification system helps maintain KYC/AML compliance, foster customer confidence, and prevent fraudulent activities.

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ID Verification Solutions

It is a part of several identity fraud solutions that KYC Canada has created which offer fraud detection before it happens. ID Verification authenticates and verifies government-issued identity documents in online and offline conditions, and can validate Passports, Drivers Licenses, and National ids from 175+ countries. It can also integrate into your system with a simple API, integrate seamlessly with anti-money laundering solutions and validate customers in less than 6 seconds. Identity documents that can be authenticated & validated by ID Verification include National IDsDriver Licenses Passports Utility bills. Why Choose ID Verification For Your Identity Verification Needs? Automated identity verification is no longer just a value-added service for companies, but rather a necessity in terms of compliance. KYC Canada one of the top ID verification companies offers best-in-class ID verification solutions to help companies prevent fraudulent attacks and mitigate risks. Our ID verification software authenticates customer ID documents in seconds and improves conversion rates considerably.

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Age Verification Solutions

Age Verification is an important part of protecting your business from underaged customers and protect underaged customers from damaging fraud. It is important to verify the age of their customers to prevent legal and financial liabilities, as well as fraud prevention. Companies that perform efficient KYC are less likely to face financial punishment for negligence and ultimately KYC checks may help maintain brand reputations. Some industries that benefit from age verification processes include alcohol distributors, tobacco companies, vaping industries, adult-only industries, financial institutions, online gaming companies, lottery companies, restricted access websites, and age-restricted commerce vendors. Age Verification is essential for managing risk and maintaining compliance with regulatory guidelines.

KYC Canada Age Verification Solutions are a suite of identity verification solutions that provide global age verification. They connect to official data sources around the globe to help verify the consumer ages, so companies can minimize their financial, legal, and reputational risk. kyc is a verification product that quickly and easily verifies personal identities. It is an API that is designed to instantly compare a visitor's data entry against billions of records all over the world, and provides benefits such as fraud and risk management, customer age verification, KYC and AML compliance, approval of customer accounts at a faster pace, prevent identity theft, maintain company reputation, and trust with regulating entities.

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Anti-Money Laundering Solutions

KYC Canada provides anti-money laundering and identity verification solutions to mitigate risk and prevent fraud. KYC and AML compliance improves customer experience by offering a frictionless onboarding process. KYC Canada suite of AML services provides Enhanced Due Diligence to identify bad actors and adhere to ongoing compliance regulations. It also provides real-time risk mitigation using API access to a global database of 15+ million bad actors and politically exposed people (PEPs). KYC Canada AML Monitoring Screening Software allows you to screen customers against global watchlists, and its Anti-Money Laundering Solutions minimize the risks associated with laundering money and other illicit activities. It helps to identify high-risk profiles, match customers against 1200+ Sanctions Lists, and monitor risks associated with customers' profiles through advanced technology.

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Know Your Business (KYB) Verification Solutions

Know Your Business is a unique business identity verification service that helps businesses identify and verify key corporate data to prevent fraud, receive best-in-industry match rates, remain KYB compliant, scale existing compliance programs, quickly onboard new business customers, build lasting business relationships, gain access to unique Beneficial Owners (UBOs) and business addresses, and meet the highest encryption and security standards required by law. It provides a frictionless business onboarding experience and zero human interaction.

Gain Access To
  • Corporate Registration Codes.
  • Establishment Dates.
  • Corporate Name.
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Client Onboarding | Seamless Customer Onboarding Solutions

KYC Canada helps organizations engage and convert customers through customer onboarding, a process that is driven by the customer experience. A successful onboarding program nurtures the customer and builds long-term relationships. It should move customers through various stages of the customer journey with thoughtfulness and prevent customer abandonment. Banks and financial institutions must pay attention to their sign-up process to ensure compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures. Simplifying the process and creating a smooth onboarding process are essential for building brand trust and increasing company revenue. This will reduce customer abandonment and reinvest that money into creating great experiences for customers.

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PEP Verification Solutions

KYC Canada's identity verification solution includes PEP verification and OFAC verification services, enabling businesses to adhere to regulations related to politically exposed persons (PEP). PEPs refer to individuals holding prominent public positions within a foreign or domestic country, and conducting PEP checks before establishing a business relationship is crucial. With KYC Canada's identity verification solution, businesses can easily conduct PEP verification and OFAC verification checks, ensuring compliance with regulations and reducing the likelihood of financial penalties.

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Customer Due Diligence | Behavior Monitoring Solutions

KYC Canada provides a user-friendly system for behavioral biometrics, a form of biometric monitoring technology that identifies unique behavioral patterns associated with individuals. This technology is becoming more prevalent among financial institutions for customer authentication because it is easy to use and enhances account security.

By incorporating behavioral monitoring with other security solutions, businesses can boost their security measures and detect criminals who may have circumvented other security protocols. By utilizing KYC Canada's behavioral biometrics and other security solutions, businesses can ensure a higher level of protection for their customers' accounts and information.

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