KYC Solutions for Online Gaming

Achieve global expansion by rapidly onboarding more players with compliant verification that effectively identifies and eliminates fraud.


Elevate your security measures with this comprehensive guide to protecting your identity while gaming online

In the gaming industry, verifying the identity of customers who are not physically present is a legal requirement to confirm their age. To prevent identity theft and underage access to age-restricted video games, gaming companies must incorporate robust identity verification solutions into their existing systems. By leveraging such solutions, companies can effectively mitigate potential risks and prevent fraud by detecting identity, device, location, and activity-based fraud.

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The following are the solutions for identity verification in various scenarios:

Onboarding a new client

1. To verify the identity of a new client, businesses can use solutions such as document verification, facial recognition, and biometric authentication.

Processing credit card payments

2. Identity verification solutions such as 3D secure authentication and card verification value (CVV) can be used to validate the identity of a credit card user during payment processing.

Viewing age-restricted material

3. To ensure that only individuals of legal age access age-restricted material, solutions such as age verification checks, biometric authentication, and identity document verification can be implemented.

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Rapid user Onboarding

KYC Canada's identity verification technologies can speed up the customer onboarding process, resulting in a smoother signup experience and fewer abandoned accounts. Investing in marketing can be costly, and losing clients due to a lengthy and unfriendly onboarding process is even more so.

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